Despite what the poster implies this will be less self-indulgent shreddage and more a good guitar hang with some of the tastiest guitarists, drummers and bass players in Durham… and me!


In January and February of 2017 I hosted a series of Free Improv concerts at Neptune’s Parlour in Raleigh, NC. The performances featured some of the most talented performers working in the various triangle musical scenes. The results were recorded and the first volume is now available for purchase.FIMS.png
More about the artists:

Bag of Tricks, vol. 1

Out and Gone Music

BoT v1 cover

Out & Gone Music is excited to announce the release of guitarist James Gilmore’s Bag of Tricks vol. 1. Available October 15 as a limited edition CD and digital download, the album features saxophonist Laurent Estoppey, bassists Vattel Cherry and David Menestres, and percussionist Shawn Galvin. Recorded live at Neptune’s Parlour in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2017, this is the first of three volumes taken from the performances from Gilmore’s Free Improvised Music Series. Gilmore created the series to bring improvisers with unique vocabularies together to create a distinct ensemble sound and to let each musician bring their own identity to the group. Featuring several heavyweights from North Carolina’s improvised music scene, Volume 1 moves from moments of introspective stillness to more playful interaction to tense, nervous enunciations that appear as fast as they dissipate. Cherry describes the music as “a metaphor for anarchy. It is leaderless, improvisational, yet fastidiously…

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