I am a guitarist from Greensboro, NC. My ongoing musical projects include the James Gilmore FreeTet, which plays improvised music, a jazz trio that plays (almost exclusively) jazz standards, and a trio that plays original modern jazz music. For information about who I’ve played music with you can look at a list of past and upcoming performances, or check out the label and collective Out and Gone Music. Please follow me on TwitterInstagram, or Soundcloud.

Read a review of a recent show, or a review of ‘Bag of Tricks vol. 1’, which you can listen to and buy here.

“I love James Gilmore’s music because it is fearless and experimental while retaining an emotional core.”  -Jordan Green Triad City Beat

“The musicians…follow an improvisational ethos that does not succumb to any predetermined gestures…There’s a constant discussion between the musicians throughout this cd. They certainly and willingly leave their egos behind, not so much during the process but right from the start. There’s a warmth in their choices…the percussion work of Galvin really stands out… his bond with the bassists are clear even to the untrained ear. Their path is that of second generation European improvisation, yet there are also melodies…They seem to work their way into each track with no preconceived ideas, providing crescendos like the one found the middle of the magnificent ‘Live Up to High Vibration’. It is then, at their highest of volume that seem to be at their best with a solid –free playing percussive backbone- a gnarling tough guitar and a rawer sax playing. But tradition is not neglected too. ‘House on Legs-Making the Essential Challenges’ is more boppish with fluid lines from the saxophone and an electric guitar that pays homage to the guitars that shaped jazz in the 50’s. You cannot feel disappointed from all this.”  – Free Jazz Blog

Long Bio:

James Gilmore is a guitarist, composer and improvisor. He leads the James Gilmore FreeTet, which has featured Vattel Cherry, Tatsuya Nakatani, Ned Ferm, Laurent Estoppey, David Menestres (Polyorchard), Shawn Galvin, and Joe Westerlund, as well as a jazz trio with a rotating lineup. He is currently working on original compositions for a jazz trio to be recorded later this year. He has performed with Eugene Chadbourne, Jeb Bishop, Ned Ferm, and many others. James is a member of the label and collective Out and Gone Music which released his ‘Bag of Tricks vol. 1’ in October 2017. His compositions have been performed by the North Carolina Jazz Repertory Orchestra and he was co-organizer of the Varipop Music Festival in Durham in 2016. He runs a yearly Free Improvised Music series in the Triangle region of North Carolina.