Decorating Time Review

Great review of Decorating Time by Jeff Kallis at I really enjoyed speaking with Jeff, and honestly it is an honor to have him write about the record: Jeff has interviewed James Brown, Ornette, Sly Stone (about whom he wrote the only authorized bio) and Willie Nelson to name just a few, and he is a longtime contributor to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Light Waves

I created music for the Flotation Pod and Room at Sonder Mind and Body in Greensboro, NC. It is wonderful to be able to create something that will enhance people’s experience of sensory deprivation / floating, and to receive such a positive response. The owners Jessika and Veronika were our neighbors when we moved to Greensboro, and creating this for friends who are running a cool business encapsulates everything I love about Greensboro.

Decorating Time out September 10th 2021

photo: Daniel White

Excited to announce that Decorating Time, the debut album from the James Gilmore Trio, will be released September 10th, 2021, by Ears & Eyes Records for purchase via download or a limited run of CD’s. Ears & Eyes is releasing amazing music, and they are documenting what appears to be a great scene for improvised music in Argentina where they are based. It feels very cool and special to have them release this record into which we poured our heart and soul.

Covid Times

I am sending emails to labels to see if someone can help me reach more listeners with Decorating Time. I’m also giving lessons over the internet, practicing, making tracks for commercical purposes and playing occasionally with masks and social distancing as much as possible. Here I am on a happier day with Kassem Williams and Butler Knowles, at Legit Biz in GSO.



Had a great time playing at Revival 1869 last Friday with Kevin Beardsley and Kassem Williams. I’m calling that particulat incarnation the ‘Work Trio’. We played soul and funk covers with a jazzy twist, lots of Sco, some Jill Scott, Sam Cooke etc., it was fun and I hope to play more with this group soon!

On May 7th at Arcana in Durham we will do the release show for the new Out and Gone records, including my ‘Bag of Tricks vol 3’. James Gilmore FreeTet will be Chris Sharp, Paul Rogers and Daniel Hall.

May 18th I’m excited and honored to be playing with the amazing singer/ songwriter Rissi Palmer at Artsplosure 2019 in Raleigh. Details on her site.

May 2, 16 and 30, and every other Thursday, I’m at Kau in Greensboro with a rotating cast of bass players.